Welcome to Copenhagen Medieval Open at KMM in 2016

ridderturneringCopenhagen Medieval Open inside holding two tournaments, 5 vs 5 tournaments and 1vs1 tournaments.

To sign up as teams, you must complete all fighters names in the table below.

Remember that to report you as a team and not as a single group.
The reason for this is that we need to find out how many teams will arrive.

To make it easier for you as fighters coming from abroad, we make two tents available: a sleeping tent and a party tent – complete with fireplace.

The Copenhagen Medieval Open tournament will be held under the current HMBIA rules.

Once you have signed up you will then receive a welcome letter and instructions on how to get to market and how to get to and from Copenhagen.

The last day of registration for foreign groups and teams who want to sleep in the common tent, is april 1 2016


We shall of course provide

Access to flushing toilets.
Access to mobile bathrooms with hot water. Running water around the entire market.
And access to electricity (in the outer ring area)

You just bring
your own medieval tents, cooking, and camping equipment.
Food and drinks.

Taking part in this competition is at your own risk.
All participants must arrange for appropriate insurance.
Remember to bring your blue medical card or equivalent.

We look forward to seeing you on Copenhagen Medieval Market – KMM – in 2016.

Kim Czichelski Svejgaard -­‐ -­‐ +45 6015 2488