Københavns Medieval Market

Pentecost 2018
Friday 18 May-Monday 21 May

Battle-ready Knights on horseback, terrifying Vikings, sounds of skins drums and flute games as well as the aroma of roast suckling pig and fresh fish on spear will in Pentecost days, from Friday, 18 October. To Monday, 21 December. May, the Valby Park turn into a time warp that takes visitors back to the Middle Ages.
Come close to the experience of how it was to live then, to see how the various crafts of its time were carried out without today's industry. During the days there will be exciting battle shows, which will be guaranteed to impress.

History of

The Danish Middle Ages


The Viking Age is estimated to be in the period end of the 700 figure to year 1066.
The Danish Middle Ages started back in the year 1066 and lasted until the year 1537. We, along with some of the country's drivers, have described the Danish Middle Ages.